China hides evidence of bubonic plague outbreak in North

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Screenshots of official reports at link. They are in Xhinese tho.

Hiding Information: Inner Mongolia May Have a Black Death Outbreak

Epoch Times obtained some official documents from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (AR) that show the AR is facing an outbreak of Black Death.

1. The “Epidemic Report” that the Inner Mongolia Comprehensive Disease Prevention and Control Center issued on April 13 stated: “Since the determination of the first epidemic case on March 15, 2020,” the black death epidemic was found in 21 sites in 10 counties of four Leagues (an administrative region under the Inner Mongolia AR, similar to Prefectures in the other provinces of China; a few major cities are also included in this category).

2. On April 14, Xilingol League passed an AR “Epidemic Report” down to its subordinate medical agencies.

3. The “Report on the Implementation of the Decision from the AR’s Teleconference on Black Death Prevention and Control” in April stated, “The black death plague is active” in Inner Mongolia and “the risk of human infection is still high.” “Recently, cases have been reported in Baotou City, Wulanchabu City, Xilingol League, and Bayannaoer City.” The report also stated, “By March 30, except for Wulanchabu City, the AR’s other 11 Leagues have all established or regrouped their Black Death Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Leading Groups.

4. On March 30, Xilingol League submitted an application requesting 320,000 yuan (US $45,000) to buy smoke cannons to kill rats, in response to the “severe situation in controlling the black death.”

5. On November 12, 2019, Beijing confirmed two patients with black death who came from Xilingol League and started an emergency medical response. On November 20, 2019, China’s National Health Commission sent a notice to Beijing, Tianjin, Inner Mongolia AR, and several other provinces, stating that “the Party Central Committee and State Council are paying close attention” to the Inner Mongolia black death epidemic which was active and presented risks of infecting people and spreading to Beijing or other big cities

China is experiencing physical manifestations of their septic evil across their land


Even the animals and fish are dying!

As China faces the threat of a second wave of the coronavirus outbreak, it also faces several other plagues.

  1. The Decapod Iridescent Virus 1: This virus was detected in 2014. It is a highly contagious virus among shrimp and can also kill lobsters and crabs. It will not infect humans but there are concerns that the virus might mutate. On April 12, a Chinese magazine, the Fishing Frontline Magazine, reported that this virus was found in 11 provinces in China, mainly in the South, including Guangdong and Fujian. It can wipe out 60 percent of the shrimp in a pond. There is no effective treatment for this virus.
  2. African Horse Sickness Virus: On April 23, China’s Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Disease Control Center, and China Horse Industry Association jointly issued a notice to inform the local government to be vigilant about this virus. It said the death rate from this virus is 95 percent. China issued a warning about this horse virus back in May 2019. The virus hit Thailand in March of this year.
  3. The Black Death: According to an Inner Mongolia document, the black death plague was spreading in its area. (See Chinascope posting: Hiding Information: Inner Mongolia May Have Black Death Outbreak)
  4. The African Swine Fever Virus: This virus spread widely in China last year and caused the death of millions of pigs. Since March of this year, the Ministry of Agriculture has reported 13 epidemic cases in Hubei, Sichuan, and other provinces. On April 16, Jinmen (an island that belongs to Taiwan, only 2 km away from mainland China) found dead pigs, which had the swine fever virus, floating in the sea. This would mean that mainland farmers killed the infected pigs and threw them into the sea.
  5. Hepatitis A: In early March, over 100 people in Liaoning Province were infected with the Hepatitis A virus. The Paper reported that police had admonished several people who spread the infection news on the Internet, similar to what the Wuhan government did to people informing others about the coronavirus.
  6. Avian Influenza: On April 14, videos posted on the Internet showed that the Avian influenza was spreading in Juye County, Shandong Province. Tens of thousands of chickens died in 2.5 hours.


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