China Is Asshole! Country Using Chinese Coronavirus Vaccine is Suffering a Huge Outbreak Despite 60% Vaccination Rate

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Looks like the vaccines are a bust!

No, not our vaccines. China’s vaccines. But you already knew that.

Let’s back up. Contrary to popular belief, the nation with the highest percentage of its population that’s been fully vaccinated isn’t Israel. It’s the tiny country of Seychelles, located off of Africa’s east coast in the Indian Ocean. They’ve fully vaxxed 62.2 percent of their people, the only nation on earth to cross the 60 percent threshold. And yet:

That’s not supposed to happen. How can a country with more immunity per capita than any other be experiencing a wave of COVID?

Bloomberg is hunting for clues:

By April 12, 59% of the doses administered [in Seychelles] were Sinopharm vaccines and the rest were Covishield, a version of AstraZeneca Plc’s shot made under license in India…

The number of active cases in the nation rose to 1,068 on May 3 from 612 on April 28, according to the health ministry.

Of those cases, 84% are Seychellois and the rest are foreigners, Daniel Lucey, Clinical Professor of Medicine at Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine, said in a blog post. Just under two thirds of those are either unvaccinated or have only had one dose, and the rest have had two doses, he said.

Right off the bat we see that most of the new cases are turning up in people who haven’t had their shots yet, which isn’t an argument that the vaccines don’t work. To the contrary.

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Seychelles surging despite China vax, same with Chile

  • There are 1,068 active cases in Seychelles, the world’s most vaccinated nation
  • However, 35 percent of them are among people who have been given two doses
  • Seychelles is using a combination of AstraZeneca and China’s Sinopharm jab
  • Health officials offered little explanation as to why cases are still surging




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