China is buying Australia and Australians have had enough…

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China is buying up land and recently took over Australia’s dairy production

China is buying land and building farmland, solar farms etc.

China is buying up property in WA/Sidney and now Chinese investors own a large portion of property and stock in Australia’s largest cities

A Chinese spy submarine was recently spotted near one of Australia’s largest ports

Prime minister Rudd and his cabinet have signed upwards of up to billions of dollars of negotiations with China which includes investments into Australia’s most profitable exports and industries.

Here are some videos, please read the comments

I lived in Australia for 22 years and watched all of this unfold.

I always wondered whether Australia was being targeted by HAARP to drive the farmers off the land for this very reason.

Australia IS a country of feast and famine however I believe what is being blamed on Global Warming is actually Scalar Weapons.

For a time Australia manufactured a lot of their own vehicles and produced the bulk of their food…… during those 22 years I saw all of that change.

There is a very contentious Politician over there called Pauline Hanson who has been telling the Australian people this for years. It is only a very recent thing that people are realizing she is right. China more or less OWNS Australia.




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