China is home to the world’s biggest asset class and world’s largest debt bubble. Both are rotten and collapsing.

by Boo_Randy

China home prices fall for 10th month as property crisis deepens amid economic slowdown, credit crunch and mortgage boycott

As in 2007, bursting housing bubbles are going to cause another Great Financial Crisis – but this time around the central bankers have blown their wad with 14 years of “emergency measures.” Trillions in fake “wealth” created by central bank funny money are going to be vaporized. Got silver?

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Property prices in mainland China fell for a 10th straight month in June, underscoring how government relief efforts are failing to curb the country’s spiralling real estate crisis.

New home prices in 70 cities, excluding state-subsidised housing, slipped 0.1 per cent from May, when they declined 0.17 per cent, National Bureau of Statistics said on Friday.


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