China is stealing this technology for more than 50 years. Very soon, they won’t even need hackers to do the dirty work for them!

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Very soon, the #CCP won’t even need hackers to do the dirty work for them. According to this article, a new cybersecurity law will render ALL foreign companies and nationals exposed to Chinese scrutiny. No more confidentiality.


How much is it worth to do business in China? That’s a question that every company and government will have to answer very soon.

On Dec. 1, a new and comprehensive law in China, the Cybersecurity Multi-level Protection Scheme (“MLPS 2.0”), will come into effect. This new cybersecurity law has absolutely nothing to do with securing data, intellectual property or servers, but rather, the complete opposite.

The new law will establish new rules and processes to compel the full disclosure of all data and full access to all servers to Chinese authorities at all times. This new requirement will render foreign companies and individuals in China completely exposed to scrutiny and much more, from the state and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Time to Rethink Operating in China

This new law should make companies doing business in China rethink every aspect of their supply-chain strategy.

Every person and company in China will have to comply with this new policy. Any and all platforms, apps, or other technology that could prevent access by the Ministry of Public Security will be outlawed. That means companies and individuals in China must abandon typical security protocols and technologies, such as VPN, encryption, and using private servers.

This opportunity cost means no industrial secret, marketing strategy, technology secrets, or intellectual property, not to mention personal identifying data and deeply personal information will be safe from the Chinese regime from knowing about it. Of course, it’s common knowledge that corporate espionage happens everywhere. Companies and people can be and often cheat and are dishonest. But with this new law, any pretense of operating safely in China is shattered.

ISPs, Telephone Companies Are Spy Vectors

But the transparency doesn’t just rely on individual’s and companies’ compliance to being “transparent.” The Ministry of Public Security can—and will—require full access, via back doors or other data capture techniques to be installed by China Telecom and all China ISPs, with no exceptions. The MLPS 2.0 law is comprehensively intrusive, utterly totalitarian, and perfectly Orwellian, but with “Chinese characteristics” of course. It is specifically designed to fulfill two purposes:

  1. To block any outlawed or otherwise unapproved content and communication from either internal or external sources on China’s internet platform;

  2. Allow complete transparency and access of all data, intellectual property, trade secrets, etc. by China’s Ministry of Public Security and other government security organs as well as those within the CCP.


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