CHINA LIED, PEOPLE DIED: Spread of Coronavirus would have been reduced by 95% without China Coverup

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Who’s to blame? China and WHO lapdog.

FLASHBACK March 11: Study Concludes China Acting 3 Weeks Earlier Could Have Avoided Global Pandemic
ANDERS HAGSTROM | March 31, 2020

(Daily Caller) – The world could have avoided a global pandemic had China taken action to slow the spread of coronavirus just three weeks earlier, according to a study from the University of Southampton.

Study author Dr. Shengjie Lai found that earlier action from China could have reduced the spread of the disease by up to 95 percent. Released on March 11, its findings paralleled messaging from President Donald Trump, who has said that China’s delay in making the outbreak public cost the world precious time to prepare.

Lai created models estimating how the virus would have spread had China acted up to three weeks earlier or three weeks later. A single week earlier would have reduced spread by 66 percent; two weeks 86 percent; and three weeks 95 percent. Had China acted three weeks later, however, the number of infected would have been 67 times higher, the study found…

A Comprehensive Timeline Of The Novel Coronavirus

U.S. Funds World Health Organization That Boot-Licks China, With Deadly Results

Senior WHO Official Cuts Off Interview When Reporter Implies Taiwan Isn’t Part Of China

HERE WE GO AGAIN: China Puts Entire County On Lockdown After New Corona Cluster Emerges

EXCLUSIVE: Focused On The China Threat, This Congressman Became Aware Of Coronavirus Dangers Early On

(Daily Caller) – Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks warned of the impending coronavirus pandemic days as far back as January.

The lawmaker credited his foresight to his ongoing focus on China’s human rights violations and the country’s pattern of misinformation and propaganda.

Banks said that rather than focusing on holding China accountable or focusing on the coronavirus pandemic, Democrats are “far more interested” in attacking and embarrassing President Donald Trump…

‘Unfortunate’ China tried to cover up the genesis of coronavirus
Sky News Australia | Mar 29, 2020

It’s “unfortunate” that China covered up cases of the novel coronavirus when the disease was in its early stages, according to Labor senator Kimberley Kitching.

Early data from from the province of Wuhan has indicated the disease may have been known to Chinese authorities authorities as early as October 2019.

Senator Kitching told Sky News authorities could have handled this outbreak better if they had known about the novel pathogen earlier…

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CHINA LIED, PEOPLE DIED: Don’t Let China Off The Hook.

IN THE WORDS OF THAT HONG KONG PROTESTER, “DON’T TRUST CHINA. CHINA IS ASSHOLE.” Ominous Reports Indicate China Hasn’t Contained the Coronavirus Yet. “You probably heard about China’s closing the country’s movie theaters shortly after reopening them. You probably have not heard that similar re-closings are occurring at public buildings in Shanghai. . . . Does this sound like a country of a billion people that has only a couple dozen new cases per day, as the official numbers state?”

OUT ON A LIMB: Chinese government lying about coronavirus could impact U.S. business ties: Experts.

China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says

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