China moves to place task forces of warships to Alaska and Hawaii

CHINA has sparked World War 3 fears after sending warships to Alaska amid boiling tensions with the US over the South China Sea dispute.

Four Chinese warships, including one of China’s most advanced destroyers, were spotted near the Aleutian Island chain.

The US is wary of the presence of Chinese warships close to the country, particularly advanced destroyers like the Type 055

A guided missile cruiser, a destroyer, a resupply ship and a surveillance ship are being positioned to shoot down any aircraft flying in the air bridge corridor from Alaska to Asia to prevent US forces from sending men and supplies by air to Japan, Korea, Okinawa, and Taiwan.

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Having flown that route before, this is not good news and to make matters worse our media is ignoring what is happening and the DOD is scrubbing their own media website of the pictures of these ships inside US waters being followed by Coast Guard cutters.

Also China is also sending an additional task force to Hawaii as well.

They are preparing to prevent US forces from reinforcing bases in Asia by air and possibly by sea from Pearl Harbor.





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