China Opens 13th Police Station In South Africa

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by Thinker

Once again, you can’t fault the Chinese for playing the game of “RISK” and buying instead of fighting to get what they want. Thanks to the U.S. troops and wars, they opened the doors for most nations to welcome China, they don’t want to bomb, but bringing cash. How many Africans are taking the money and trying to convert a continent, just like America. Everyone who’s fighting all live together on most continents, so who is really fighting who. Africans kept from education so that they couldn’t see what was happening until it was over. Africans sold out by the people they elected to be their voice.

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Yes you read right folks. China is has opened it’s 13th police station in South Africa.

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Are there African police in China???

What’s good for Chinese in Africa, isn’t good for Africans in China???

Chinese police banned Kenyans, Nigerians, and Ugandans from hotels for an alleged crime that happened by a mysterious black person. We learned that Africans can’t open a bank account, start a business or even buy land in China. Yet China has been allowed to own land in African nations. The Chinese/African alliance must end.

Even Dr. Mumbi is putting in a few words on this one and giving the African people a wake-up call. While the educated Africans think living in America and other nations is prestigious, so does China and where the African isn’t spending his/her money, the Chinese are spending and doing more than the Americans did.

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Wars coming to Africa???

13 police stations have been opened across South Africa with the latest one being opened in Port Elizabeth. What is China up to and why is the South African leadership silent on this issue? Why was the latest “police station” the only one that has been highly publicized?


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