China Scolds America for Celebrating New Year’s Eve a Year After Crowded Wuhan Bash

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China’s Global Times government newspaper condemned Americans in an article on Monday for “shouting, kissing, and dancing” on New Year’s Eve while much of China was under brutal coronavirus lockdowns – necessitated by the Communist Party’s poor handling of the pandemic.

Scenes at the end of 2021 differed significantly on both sides of the planet to how they were in at the beginning of the year. One New Year’s Eve ago, the Chinese government staged a massive party in Wuhan – the city where the Chinese coronavirus originated and where authorities let it spread uncontrolled for months – for thousands of people, asserting that the global public should “get used to” Wuhan being a major party destination after being home to the worst pandemic in recent memory. A year later, Chinese authorities were forced to cancel New Year’s celebrations in Wuhan over coronavirus cases, even though authorities have insisted the largest outbreak is in Xi’an, a city 400 miles away.

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Instead, the Global Times suggested that America should adopt China’s strategy of brutally locking up cities of millions of people with little notice, leaving them starving with no way of obtaining basic food and necessary medicine. This is the situation in Xi’an currently, locked down abruptly on December 23 over the uncontrolled spread of coronavirus in that city. Last week, locals began using Chinese government-run social media outlets like Weibo to complain that they had run out of food and authorities would neither let them out to go shopping or bring them necessary supplies.

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The Global Times also demanded gratitude from American citizens – despite the Chinese government’s failures causing the Chinese coronavirus pandemic – because the lockdowns in China allegedly helped the Western world.

“China’s dynamic zero policy not only shielded the country from the raging pandemic, but also bought time for the West to build up its herd immunity, which the West should ‘thank’ China for, instead of being ungrateful,” the newspaper asserted.


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