China signals no big stimulus is coming, while Covid controls remain

by Boo_Randy

The only thing that will curb central bank Money Printer Go BRRRRR is inflation high enough to cause social unrest that threatens internal stability, especially for control-freak governments like the PRC or Biden regime.

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BEIJING — China’s top leaders signaled Thursday that no big stimulus for economic growth was on the way, and downplayed the necessity of achieving the “around 5.5%” GDP target.

In the second half of the year, authorities said they would stabilize employment and prices, according to a state media readout of the leaders’ meeting Thursday. Chinese President Xi Jinping headed the economic meeting, held regularly with China’s leadership, known as the Politburo.

That high-level mention of stabilizing prices indicates there won’t likely be any additional expansionary policies, Wang Jun, a director at the China Chief Economist Forum, said in a phone interview. He noted high inflation overseas, and expected China would face greater inflationary pressure in the coming months.


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