China’s Disinformation – The Coronavirus is worse than you think

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by Megusta-Gaming

To what extent do you think the information surrounding the Coronavirus is fabricated or misrepresented? I think it is clear that the Chinese government is severely downplaying the threat. If the threat is much greater, why then has WHO and other nations not taken more serious actions?


China is currently building 3 large hospitals and are working around the clock to complete them within the end of this week, possibly earlier. After also quarantining over 60 million people. They are hiding the truth and anticipating (or are already facing) a catastrophic outbreak.

Update on the genome and RNA sequences of the disease, this is definitely the biggest red flag so far.

“3. The RNA sequences of the #coronavirus isolated from 6 patients from the same household are different from each other (Lancet), sign of the virus evolving. This may not be so good to the ear; it suggests the difficulty of containing this virus”.

“6. “Notably, the new coronavirus provides a new lineage for almost half of its genome, with no close genetic relationships to other viruses within the subgenus of sarbecovirus.” —> basically it’s saying it’s completely brand new to #coronavirus subgenus.”

This is scary, multiple/mutated strains are a possibility and the fact that this is brand new, not seen ever before, means we may not see a vaccine for beyond 3 months. And it proves China has lied, as experts say the disease could not have possibly originated in the fish market and also have mutated this quickly. The DNA of the virus has an unusual segment never before seen.


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