Chinese Insist on Mandarin Only..No Local Dialects

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BEIJING – Hosts in China’s livestreaming industry should speak Mandarin and dress appropriately when they market products online, the country’s commerce ministry said on Wednesday, as it looks to tighten its oversight of the sector.

Livestreaming marketing has seen its popularity surge in the last two years among brands like L’Oreal, Nike (NYSE:NKE), Dyson and online shoppers, and most Chinese e-commerce platforms now offer the option to purchase and sell products via livestreaming.

the globe is gradually going to one language.. English..

and in the process large countries like China need to start going to single language… leads to the unity… of the world under the Millennial reign.

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I have no idea why but when when I hear Mandarin spoken.. I know its mandarin…its a beautiful soft language at any rate.. pretty on the ears. And I assume it works well for web stuff.

There is that statement in the Georgia Guidestones about developing One flexible living language and at the higher level of management of Earth by the celestial government.. we will go to English.

I don’t know if mandarin is a flexible living language or not.. buts its English that has been started around the world.

When a people speak one language.. its powerful tool to ending war.

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