Chinese J-11s breach Taiwanese airspace for first time in 20 years

At 11 a.m. Sunday morning, Taiwan time, two Chinese PLAAF J-11’s deliberately breached the median line–the official maritime border separating China and Taiwan–for the first time in 20 years.

Taiwan scrambled its own fighters and sent the J-11s packing.

Huang Chung-yen, a spokesman for Taiwan’s Presidential Office, said China “should stop behavior of this sort, which endangers regional peace, and not be an international troublemaker.”


Taiwan blasted China, saying:

“It was an intentional, reckless and provocative action. We’ve informed regional partners and condemn China for such behaviour,” the ministry added.

Lots more here:

“Trump should…expedite the conclusion of the F-16V sale. Next up, the president should direct Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to push U.S. allies to adopt a shared tone of concern on Taiwan. The key here should be to persuade Beijing that military action against what it regards as a breakaway province will lead to international sanctions and isolation.”