Chinese news from Wuhan area got dark. No video, photo or news report is out for at least two weeks now.

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by 0naptoon

If all is ok as western sporadic mentions or editorials want us to believe why we can’t see what is happening there? More than 100 million people had been cut out from the rest of the world

We get sporadic information of how many new cases there are, death and people that got better. These numbers can’t be verified as China doesn’t let any independent reporters to enter the area. But they are not the only one to blame, as courageous journalist that actually want to go are not easy to find. Western countries are complicit, they don’t push the narrative they do with North Korea where, justifiable, they denounce the fact they don’t allow for independent eyes to enter the country.

China just transformed itself in North Korea, they refused outside help for the crisis. Global organizations like WHO praise the Chinese work they did for containing the virus while they actually don’t have access there to verify what the chinese tell them.

The chinese president is nowhere to be seen for at least a month now, with only one public appearance having the face hidden by a medical mask which seriously makes us think he may not be him.

While we are told to stay calm and don’t panic the elite and their close associates, are getting ahead of us, preparing, going into protected areas, hoarding resources for the dark times ahead of us.

Meanwhile we sit here with the thumb up our asses, while the virus death and economic crisis tsunami is getting closer and closer.



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