CHOKING OFF THE ECONOMY, BY DESIGN: Biden federal regulations surge over 45% in victory for ‘swamp.’

via washingtonexaminer:

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Federal rules and regulations, the swamp’s tax on U.S. companies and citizens, have surged over 45% under President Joe Biden.

A new tally from the regulation czar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Wayne Crews, showed that Biden’s team has issued 4,429 rules, a 45.8% jump in paperwork over former President Donald Trump’s final year.

The price impact is unclear, he said, though likely much higher than it was under Trump, who sometimes used new rules to kill off Obama-era regulations.

Crews has spent a career sniffing out federal regulations and calculating the impact they have. In a new posting shared with Secrets, Crews said it has been difficult to uncover the extent of Biden’s plans.

He cited the president’s efforts to close Trump-era transparency programs and slow accounting in the Federal Register.


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