Chris Hedges: The Collapse of the American Empire

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by Jesse

“Corporations are not concerned with the common good. They exploit, pollute, impoverish, repress, kill, and lie to make money. They throw poor people out of homes, let the uninsured die, wage useless wars for profit, poison and pollute the ecosystem, slash social assistance programs, gut public education, trash the global economy, plunder the U.S. Treasury and crush all popular movements that seek justice for working men and women. They worship money and power.

Unfettered capitalism is a revolutionary force that consumes greater and greater numbers of human lives until it finally consumes itself.

There are two sets of principles. They are the principles of power and privilege and the principles of truth and justice. If you pursue truth and justice it will always mean a diminution of power and privilege. If you pursue power and privilege, it will always be at the expense of truth and justice.”

Chris Hedges

“There was a time when I wished that I could just say that Republicans are bad and Democrats are good or some such simplistic statement, but this is no longer true for me. Today my commitment is to truth, wherever it may lead. May each of us embrace this commitment to truth, no matter what.

There is a huge task before us. Let’s inspire one another to do our part one step at a time, to dig into the truth deeper and deeper, to be more and more brave-hearted, to cry and to celebrate together, and to remember kindness, courage, compassion, and love are also an integral part of this beautiful troubled world we share.”

Molly Strong

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