Chris Martenson: The U.S. Is In Deep (Coronavirus) Trouble

by Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity

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While China appears to be succeeding in dramatically slowing the spread of the coronavirus within it borders, covid-19 continues to explode elsewhere in the world.

In the US, people are just beginning to realize the severity of the situation. Cases are now present in nearly half of America’s states and the panic rush to buy food, cleaning supplies, etc is on.

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But as Bachman Turner Overdrive sings: “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”

At the current rate of spread, conservative math calculates that by May, the current US covid-19 case count of 361 infected will jump to *4+ million*.

That is the power of exponential growth.

If that indeed happens, our hospitals and clinics will be utterly overwhelmed. Forget getting treatment for the coronavirus or ANY kind of health emergency.

It’s been said about covid-19: “Most of us are going to get it and all of us are going to know someone who dies from it.” That prediction is looking more and more accurate each day.

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As always, use the scant remaining time left where our way of life still ‘works’ as we’re accustomed to and tend to your preps.

Reading the coronavirus preparation megathreads available for free on is a great way to get started:

1) Coronavirus: Sanitation, PPE and Self Quarantine Megathread…

2) Coronavirus: Medicinals, Herbals and Supplements Megathread…

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