CIA Insider Warns Collapse Will Strike US in 2015? Gov Project Prophecy Predicts 25yr Depression

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According to Project Prophecy, a report compiled by the top minds in the U.S. Intelligence Community, you’ll want to remember May 2015 because that is the time that could spark the darkest economic period in our nation’s history.  Project Prophecy is supposedly a  report that predicts future events through patterns. As a result it has caused many in the Intelligence Community to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Its current prediction is unavoidable 25 year Great Depression stating May 2015.
Here is the report…


Here is the full interview that Money Morning did with Jim Rickards, a CIA Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor who helped put together Project Prophecy, where he warns the American public about this unstoppable threat….
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8 thoughts on “CIA Insider Warns Collapse Will Strike US in 2015? Gov Project Prophecy Predicts 25yr Depression

  1. They don’t know squat!! The LORD has everything in HIS control! That’s why HE (shortened) the days! Don’t let these pseudo predictors frighten or upset!

  2. First we need to look at our resources , We produce enough food to feed the world , We also have the way to get more water than we need to the fields an immensely fertilize more , Duh. We have some of the largest oil wells in the world untapped We have gold reserves still in the ground. If anyone thinks money or gold is our precious resource think again , It’s oxygen ,water and food. Those that are trying to horde onto their wealth not thinking at all about the ” Children ‘I hope they take it all with them when they “Pass. Oh one more thing , If we were independent here in the US ” I would feel sorry for most of the rest of the world , Not the US ,We would be just fine taking a good lesson of BS Greed.

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  3. If you look at the video where it shows the symbols of all the “government agencies” who have warned the government, one of the symbols is from Halo. The video game. Completely fake. The black and white pyramid at the bottom of the screen. Look up “Halo ONI”, and you will see the exact same symbol.

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