Citicards has a feature that auto-updates your Google Wallet with a newly issued card, which in my case resulted in more fraudulent charges.

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by sjsean

My wife’s purse was stolen this weekend and someone created a Google Play account in her name. They added her CC # to the account to make purchases. We were alerted to the fraud quickly and deactivated the card. Citicards expedited a new one to us the next day, but just hours after activating the new card I started seeing fraudulent purchases from Google Play. I thought, how the heck did someone get the new card number so quickly. They must’ve called the CC company pretending to be my wife and somehow got the customer service rep to give them the new CC #. When I called Citibank they said that if you had used Google Wallet in the past with your old card they have a setting on their side to auto update your Google Wallet with the new card. I had them turn this feature off of course. I understand that when your old card expires and you get a new card this auto-update feature is nice, but when you get a new card because of fraud they should automatically turn this feature off. I’m not sure if other credit card companies have the same feature, but you might want to call and find out.


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