Citing Congressional Testimony is now a Conspiracy Theory according to CNN

by Stevemagegod

Man the push to discredit anything that goes against the mainstream liberal narrative is ridiculous at this point. I thought liberals were naturally suspicious of big business. So why are they ignoring the claim? Its Congressional Testimony. And last time I checked lying to Congress is a crime. Punishable by fine or imprisonment. So its not exactly a Conspiracy Theory when your putting your ass on the line.

My thoughts is its because Google and big tech is on the liberal side of the political spectrum. So anything negative like Speech Suppression and Voter Manipulation accusations against these big tech companies is ignored by the liberal msm because they support the Democrats like Hillary, Biden etc., And the liberal msm is the propaganda arm of the Democrat party so of course his claims will be “largely ignored”. Because it paints them in a negative light.



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