Clif High – Global Reset Underway, Crypto Currencies Break Loose, then Gold & Silver.

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Where does Internet data mining expert Clif High see Bitcoin going in the hyperinflation we are heading into? Clif High says, “I’ve got what you call a strike point, a numeric value our data sets are aiming at that shows Bitcoin should be about $13,800 sometime in early February of 2018. That will basically be a fivefold increase at what we are at now. . . . I always thought cryptos would have to break out first in order to upset . . . the structure of the central banks so silver and gold could break loose. I suspect silver will break loose. The rocket shot on that will be staggering, but bear in mind I am the Internet’s worst silver forecaster. I have had silver at $600 per ounce in our data since 2003. If that occurs, look at how shocking and rapid that rise is going to be.”
High goes on to say, “Gold and silver are the most undervalued assets on the planet.” . . . And he predicts “by early February, gold will be at $4,800 per ounce and silver will be around $600 per ounce.”
High also says, “The Fed can’t kill crypto currencies . . . The elites are fearful because they can’t control crypto currencies, and they can’t suppress them. There will be no more source of free printed money for bribing people. . . . When the dollar dies, the corruption and crime will be revealed.”
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Internet data mining expert Clif High of
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4 thoughts on “Clif High – Global Reset Underway, Crypto Currencies Break Loose, then Gold & Silver.

  1. All of a sudden this guys all over the place. Back in 2000 when George Ure was the mouthpiece we recieved the monthly report on the Bots. I recall the many non-hits and finally gave up on it. Recently have been following Cliff once again. When he recently predicted a Le Pen win in France I decided that this would be the great determiner in whether or not I would continue following him. I mean come on, if you hit on this when everyone said she would lose than I would think you have solidified your standing in the predictions game. But alas, it was another miss, and this was a great miss, sort of like a Great Quake. If you miss on this George how could I believe you when you say gold will be $4500,00 an ounce in February ? Too bad, you seemed like an honest guy, very bright, but come on, I could spin a bottle and randomly have just as many hits and misses. Goodbye once again George……… the way, why is no one calling him on this, and Greg I dont get you either, I mean this is real hocus pocus stuff

  2. Where do you get the idea that the globalists can’t control cryptocurrency? They could shut it down anytime they want.

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