Climate Change is a giant lie…

Keep Burning Fossil Fuels, Says Wyoming Climate Change Skeptic

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By Kevin Killough, State Energy Reporter

Cheyenne author, geologist, engineer, computer scientist, educator, and self-described environmentalist Tony Heller said he’s studied climate change eight hours a day for 15 years.

“It’s a complicated topic,” Heller said.

Outlier With Credentials

His works can be seen on his own site and on various other climate change sites.

After all this time, Heller has come to the conclusion that the level of warming the planet is seeing is mild or perhaps nonexistent.

Heller believes the waste from nuclear energy production is a much larger problem than pro-nuclear people make it out to be, and the answer to satisfying the world’s energy needs is to just keep burning fossil fuels.

Despite the contrarian viewpoint, Heller’s opinions aren’t disregarded in the climate world. His credentials run deep in many scientific fields.

“You will be hard pressed to find anyone with a broader and more successful career in science, education, environment and engineering,” he says on his biography.


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