Clinton Is "Dead Set" In Having Her Own Way Will Prove Her Destruction Even Within Her Own Democratic Party.

by Pamela Williams
Everyone is criticizing Clinton at a time when she should be bathed with sympathy. Donald Trump has done more for her than anyone within her own Party. He did not harp on her failure to be candid with the public about her bout with pneumonia. In fact, all he said was he hoped she got well and back on the campaign trail soon.
No one is defending Clinton at this point. I, myself, wonder just who is advising her, because I would say they are failing miserably. Now with her seemingly passing out at the 9/11 Memorial, conspiracy theories are abound. Since she had been diagnosed with pneumonia several days before the event, she should have informed the media and stayed home. Most of us with any sense know pneumonia is a serious condition.
The strange video of her spitting up a green substance was in fact a serious health issue, as with pneumonia one has this infection in the lungs. Not to make anyone sick, but the infection is usually has a green tint to it. For Hillary, her doctor, and her staff to have ignored this condition, allowing her to attend the Memorial has proven to be her downfall. She has fallen and can’t get back up is my bet.
I do believe her body double, Teresa Braswell, was the one who walked out of Chelsea’s apartment. No one could pass out, have pneumonia, then walk out a short time later all smiles. Hillary must be a bionic woman to be able to pull that off, and I am sure she is just plain human like the rest of us.
But at this point, I am truly asking myself, could Clinton be dead?

But on Monday, Clinton’s team had a new problem on their hands with the lack of transparency on Clinton’s illness.

Spokesman Brian Fallon told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that the campaign would be releasing additional health records for Clinton in the coming days.
He also said Clinton would be back on the campaign trail laster this week after canceling a trip to the West Coast — were it up to Clinton, he said, she’d already be back.
Fallon argued that Clinton was “dead set” on attending the 9/11 ceremony on Sunday despite being diagnosed with pneumonia two days earlier. The diagnosis was disclosed on Sunday evening after the video emerged of her stumbling.
The Clinton aide said the campaign could have better kept the press informed in the 90 minutes after Clinton left the memorial.
“That’s on the staff. That’s on us, and we regret that,” Fallon said.
Another Clinton aide, Jennifer Palmieri, responded to Axelrod on Twitter, acknowledging, “We could have done better yesterday.”