CLOWN WORLD: Dems Seek To Impeach Barr For Violating The Constitutional Rights Of Rioters… NYC Council Approves $1 Billion Dollar Cut to NYPD

House Dems Introduce Resolution To Impeach AG Barr

Congressman Steve Cohen, R-TN, brought the measure to the House floor with the support of 35 co-sponsors. The group alleges that “Attorney General Barr has undermined our judicial system and perverted the rule of law.”

He added, “In the past few weeks alone, Barr has ordered the attack on peaceful protestors in Lafayette Park, in violation of their constitutional rights, and moved to drop charges against Michael Flynn, the President’s former campaign advisor, despite his guilty pleas. He fired without any explanation the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York who was overseeing investigations into the President’s associates and possibly the President himself.”

Reparations Now: Why White People Must Join The Call To Pay Reparations For Slavery

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Importantly, however, the call for that redemption of justice shouldn’t be made only by the descendants of Black individuals that have been systemically wronged and oppressed – white Americans, including men like mehave a special, and unquestionable, responsibility to take up the cause of reparations, and help make them happen.

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THE TIME IS FRANKLY WELL PAST:  Time to Expose the Fraud That Launched BLM.


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