CNN Advocates Fear of Job Loss and Social Ostracization To Push People Into Taking the Vaccine

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By Chris Black

Motto: Fear is the mind killer

We all love and trust CNN, don’t we folks? 

When you read a headline which says “What changes the unvaccinated minds? Fear”, you get a warm feeling inside and you probably assume they are talking about fear of the deadly covid virus, with a survivability rate of 99%+ among people with symptoms. 

It sounds familiar, isn’t it? Fear porn is our specialty.

However, in this particular case, CNN is pushing fear of losing one’s job and livelihood, including total ostracization from society, which is a more sophisticated approach from a vaxx selling point of view. 

Basically, they say: if you don’t get the shot, you’ll be a pariah, an untouchable. CNN is actually talking about fear of the Federal government/the establishment, and advocates openly about using bullying tactics in order to push people into taking a medical procedure which is highly experimental, dangerous, useless and unwanted.

From CNN:

Fear, not surprisingly, is a powerful emotion. For those who don’t fear the virus, fear of losing their job may be the answer to getting them vaccinated.

Ipsos showed this past week that 33% of unvaccinated adults said an employer requiring them to get the shot would make them likely to get one. That may seem low, but it was actually the highest rated action of any tested to see if the unvaccinated would likely get a vaccine. The only thing that came close was when respondents were told that they would get a bonus or raise (26%).

This 33%, however, may be an underestimate. Back in June, Kaiser put the question more bluntly. When non-self employed and currently working adults were asked whether they would get vaccinated or leave their job over a vaccine mandate, 42% said they’d get the shot. Half (50%) said they’d leave their job.

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According to the Kaiser poll, about half of all adults who are unvaccinated are non-self employed workers.

This means that about one-quarter of all unvaccinated adults in this country would probably become vaccinated with a vaccine mandate at their job. That would be nearly 20 million extra people.

Fear of missing out on extracurricular activities seemed to work to get some people to take the vaccine in France.

A record number of people got vaccinated after the government announced that people would need to produce a negative Covid test or be vaccinated in order to enter bars, restaurants and for travel on trains and planes.

Of course, there will always be people who won’t get vaccinated no matter what. About half of America’s unvaccinated adult population say they’ll never get a vaccine. The key is to convince the other half who aren’t vaccinated yet to get it. Fear does seem to be working with them.


I really don’t know who watches CNN anymore, but their mission is not to make money or inform the public. They are a Bolshevik propaganda outlet, and reading this article I imagine a sadist torturing animals, and that’s probably how they see us. 

We are at the point of no return, with legacy media using fear of losing one’s job and place in society to force them into taking gene therapy so “we can protect them from the flu”. I just can’t wrap my head around this concept emerging in America, as nothing remotely similar to this model of thinking has ever happened at any point in Western society. 

I wonder what changed in the last 100 years…

Meanwhile the Biden admin is pushing obligatory vaccination for all troops:

When more than 50 people died from the swine flu vaccine, it was pulled from market, yet at least 12,000 people died of this mRNA shot, and it’s business as usual. The fact that they’re even talking about approving the jabs after skipping a bunch of the preliminary research and a year before the phase III trials will be done shows just how laughable our institutions have become.

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And the FDA is making damn sure there is no data.  No toxicity tests, no tracking adverse reactions during EUA, no long term control placebo group.  The only data they will have won’t look too bad when they give the approval. And FDA approval means very little if you look at some of the drugs they’ve approved in the past which have led to serious side effects 

The BIG difference between the swine flu fraud and the covid fraud is that this criminal industry still had liability in 1976, and they have had immunity from liability since 1986.  I guarantee you if they were liable now, these shots would have never come anywhere near being given to people at all. 

Yes, Fauci was there then also.

 Every day it feels like I am living in a badly written novel with unbelievable characters, and stranger plot twists than even Stephen King could think of. It is so fantastical it would never be published.

 But here we are.

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