CNN Anchor: Hey, the Situation at the Border Sure Looks Out of Control…

WaPo Admits: Biden’s Border Crisis, Asylum Industry “Is Out Of Control.”

Writing in the Washington Post, CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria admits Joe Biden’s border crisis and the wider issues with asylum in America are “out of control.”

The tone of the article is nothing less than scathing, as American liberals come to grips with the massive numbers flooding the borders after being invited by Biden and the left.

Zakaria – a member of the anti-Trump Berggruen Institute and Marxist journalism school participant – even goes so far as to say the Trump administration’s policies were “practical.”

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He writes:

Nearly 180,000 people have arrived at the southern border or tried to cross illegally in 2021, more than double as many as in the first two months of 2020. These numbers will increase as it gets warmer. Officials at the border are already overwhelmed.



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