CNN and Buzzfeed Plan to Publish Yet Damaging Tape Before Trump

by Amna El Tawil
After last week’s scandal with Trump dossier, CNN and BuzzFeed plan to publish yet another incriminating file regarding the incoming President of the United States. This time, they are about to publish the tape about 48 hours before the inauguration.
The source that has revealed the plan claims to be working for NBC and wanted to remain secret. He says that the video has about two minutes and contains images from “The Apprentice”, the show that featured Trump. The unnamed source claims the footage is “very damaging” and “nuclear in impact”. The tape is said to be available for purchase for a while now. Rich people, such as Larry Flynt and Mark Cuban, are rumored to be very interested in it, even if they break the law.
InfoWars report previous reports containing the existence of such a tape circulated before the election and resurfaced again on December 16 when comedian Tom Arnold claimed he had seen the footage and that it contained Trump saying, “every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever. It was him sitting in that chair saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children.” Arnold also claimed that “he had talked to several other Hollywood players who had also seen the tape”.

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5 thoughts on “CNN and Buzzfeed Plan to Publish Yet Damaging Tape Before Trump

  1. Oh no! Trump said bad words! Odd this was not released before now, but then, Hillary was winning by 12 point in the polls so I suppose it was not needed.

    • Treason? How so? I haven’t seen the tape, but one of my parents is from the South and in growing up in the early years it was nothing to hear the n word around the house once in a while, but I am almost married a black girl. We aren’t prejudice in the least. I’d vote for a black liberty loving defender of the Constitution in a heart beat!!! A manager at a place of employment doesn’t like a female manager and sometimes refers to her as a cunt. Who hasn’t called a sibling or family member a retard? Making no excuses for this, but get real people. One reason why many of us like Trump is because he is so human, up front and honest. Congress, CNN and the left will hypocritically go ballistic and feign shock in their mission to leave no stone unturned to bring Trump down. Just my two-cents.

  2. Oh BS!! What can be more horrible than “We came, We saw and he died.” Come on Americans. You are starting to look and sound like fools.

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