CNN Crisis Actor Caught Red Handed 4 Times In A Row!! – WOW!

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How many times does it take for the masses to see the show is still rolling and the need for new actors? Stop the “FAKE NEWS!”
Female crisis actor caught in all shootings? – Debunked And Exposed
Two Timers – Multiple Role Crisis Actors Revealed
Check it out, I am certain these are the same actors playing multiple roles in these sick hoaxes. I think the daughter is the same actress too but it’s not as clear cut as the mom. The actor playing Michael Foley is the same guy who carries around a baby DOLL in the Aurora HOAX, it’s ridiculous. But your Goldbugs on and enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “CNN Crisis Actor Caught Red Handed 4 Times In A Row!! – WOW!

  1. This is old news, it has been exposed for years. Thanks for posting it again, many people have never seen it at all. I’ll put a link at my NFL football site to here. About 15% of us there are total truthers, 45% know something is up, the rest are deep in mind control and refuse to hear or see, even with several of us posting direct links, and putting up pictures right on the site! The truth will destroy their world view, and they think they have a good bead on things, the most dangerous fool, lies to himself.

  2. They JUSTIFY it by calling it LARPing…..Live Action Roll Playing. The globalist corporations have think tanks that come up with spinning LIES into half baked thuths & indoctrinate these mindless SHEEPLE into carrying out their AGENDA because it’s promoted as ‘COOL’.
    Plus the fact that they are PAID to become instant celebrities…easy to find these IDIOTS because they are SPOILED, bored, SKILL LESS & too lazy to TRY to earn a living.

  3. They can call it anything they want.. but when these actors are found in a supposedly terror situation.. over and over again, then the question MUST be asked… is the whole scenario a set-up.. a fraud.. a scam on the public?
    Sure looks like all of these are fakes… but why? Trying to confiscate people’s firearms?

  4. People die when this media organization spreads lies and work the public up to facts that are just not true. They will cry about some little thing they hate about trump but cry discrimination when you call them liars.

  5. But it has not been exposed. Sure the people “actors” look alike, even very much like the same people BUT if the people making these videos ARE SO SURE it’s all the same people over and over again appearing at various “false flag events” why wouldn’t’ you do the research to prove it? One video claimed the same woman “crisis actor” appeared at 4 different “false flag attacks” so prove it! If you have identified the person as you claim it should not be difficult at all to hire a PRivate Investigatior to go back and track her movements, i.e. Boston, Auroa, France, etc that’s plane fare records, credit card records, hotel room records, etc. After all all is needed is just ONE verifiable receipt in any of the places mentioned. So why has this not happened? You know why? Because there IS NO PROOF! Stop wasting my time already. Get the proof then lecture me about this or that “crisis actor.” Stop with all the dopey conspiracy junk, it’s enough already.

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