CNN Managed to Finally Do Right in Firing Chris Cuomo and Still Managed to Get So Much Wrong

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Last night the news broke that CNN had made the corporate decision to terminate its relationship with beleaguered on-air pundit Chris Cuomo. It was a move that was both a long time in coming and something that should have been addressed over one year ago. While the move is proper, based on the mounting evidence against him, CNN still manages to come off looking poorly with the way this has been handled and in the way it has not been handled.

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There was a week-long investigation that led to the network going public with the decision late on a Saturday afternoon, in classic document-dump fashion. There was some amusement to be had however that the news was broken on their airwaves by two of CNN’s polarizing figures, Jim Acosta, and Brian Stelter. But men had a measure of pain visible in their reports.

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