CNN pays $6 million per year to pump propaganda into airports nationwide

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Have you ever wondered why CNN is the only program played on the TVs at most of the major airports throughout the US? It’s not because CNN is preferred by frequent flyers. CNN pays @ $6 million per year to 58 different airports to show their fake news propaganda.

CNN Pays Airports $100,000 Each to Play Fake News At Gates

An investigation by Tucker Carlson Tonight has revealed that CNN is paying off more than fifty major airports throughout the United States to play their broadcasting to unsuspecting travelers at airline gates.

The network pays airlines around an average of $100,000 each to play the fake news, adding up to more than $6 million dollars in bribery. Such a use of network resources could be easily used to fund legitimate and newsworthy journalistic endeavors, but the network, under the leadership of Jeff Zucker, instead adopts an approach of merely paying to have its propaganda broadcast to non-consenting viewers.

Those who are enduring the often taxing experience of waiting around in an airport aren’t looking to be bombarded with a stream of fake news, but that doesn’t stop CNN from subjecting them to it.

VICE News: Conservative Breitbart Facebook Page Beats NYT, WSJ, USA Today, WaPo Combined

“Breitbart News Network’s Facebook page has captured more engagement than several of the largest corporate news outlets combined amid the ongoing impeachment battle, a VICE News report revealed Monday.

VICE News reports:

With just 4 million followers, Breitbart’s page racked up more likes, comments, and shares since Sept. 1 (57.8 million) than The New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today combined (42.6 million). It outpaced each of the broadcast news networks, MSNBC, and CNN. CNN Spokesman Matt Dornic rejected the comparison in a statement to VICE News.”


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