CNN poll finds democrats in congress responsible for shutdown

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#SchumerShutdown Website – Created by the House Republican Conference
Friday night, Democrats shut down the government over deadlines that don’t exist. Their games could kick 9 million children off of their health insurance and hurt our troops.

Text SchumerShutdown to 50589 to stay up to date on Chuck Schumer’s crusade to shut down the government.
List of how every Senator voted on bill to fund the govt. Even CNN can’t deny the Dems voted No to fund the government
All you need to do is scroll down to see who voted yes to pass legislation and who voted no to shut the Government down.

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VIDEO: Chuck Schumer: Shutting Down Govt Over Immigration Is “Politics Of Idiocy”


3 thoughts on “CNN poll finds democrats in congress responsible for shutdown

  1. Political Polling has become a freak clown show. A joke! Look at the polling numbers for Hildabeast. She was projected to win in a landslide. Oh that durn Electoral College thingie. Seriously are the results of these polls supposed to determine anything in the real World?

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