CNN Reporter: Biden Is Worse Than Carter on Inflation

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CNN senior data reporter Harry Enten said Tuesday night on CNN that President Biden was doing worse than Jimmy Carter on inflation and that American people were “holding him responsible.”

Host Anderson Cooper asked Enten about inflation and how bad it really was for Americans. The CNN reporter said it was “awful.”

“How people feel about it is even worse, I mean you look at the consumer sentiment right now and what do you see? This is the worst consumer sentiment ever measured by the University of Michigan going all the way back to 1952,” Enten said, referencing data from the University of Michigan that was posted on the screen.

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He also noted that inflation got Carter and “killed that presidency” and that the Consumer Price Index was the worst it’s been in a midterm cycle since 1974.

Enten noted Biden’s disapproval rating on inflation was over 70% and that Carter’s was at 66% when he was in office.

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