CNN Reports Caravan on Border & CBS Says They Won’t Arrive Till Dec.

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by Thinker

CBS HAS A REPORTER TRAVELING WITH THE CARAVAN GETTING THE UP FRONT STAGED NEWS FOR AMERICANS – Some migrants in caravan ask to be sent back to Honduras. CBS says they won’t get to the border till December, while Fake CNN news says they are already there!!! Who is telling the “TRUTH???”

At current pace, migrant caravan won’t reach U.S. border until December

President Trump continues to insist the massive caravan of migrants from Central America could include Middle Eastern terrorists. But in comments Tuesday, he admitted there is no proof. The crowd is in the Mexican town of Huixtla, nearly 1,100 miles from the U.S. border. Adriana Diaz reports.

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Fake News CNN Sensationalized Version of on the Border – Migrant caravan arrives at US-Mexico border

A caravan of hundreds of migrants has reached the US-Mexico border after a monthlong trip from Central America that has sparked the ire of President Donald Trump. CNN’s Leyla Santiago reports. The interview with the mother and her child under three who came 2500 miles and reported that they slept in railroad cars and on floors. That mother and her child look like they just checked out of the hotel. Nice jacket and “CLEAN” hair…FAKE NEWS!!!

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Here’s Who’s Really Behind The Migrant Caravan

The migrant caravan headed toward the southern border was organized by leftist organizations to the likes of Venezuela. That puts this caravan into a completely different context financed by a radical revolutionary Marxist said Glenn. This is a weaponized attack.


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