CNN Smears Those Who Question the Corporate Media Narrative as ‘Extremists’

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by Jesse

I find it a disturbing trend that the corporate media continues to attack alternatives to their attempts to manufacture consent, lumping them all together as ‘extremists.’   That is a smear tactic, and it is being used to defend the corporate narrative from questioning.

Was this intentional fear-mongering, or just their usual sloppy reporting? I don’t think they care one way or another.  And this appears to be a trend among the corporate media mouthpieces.

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But at any event, this is a truly disgraceful example of ‘journalism’ and upholding freedom of the press.

And it fits all too well with the DNC establishment’s lawsuit against Wikileaks for daring to engage in journalism.  If the Democratic bosses are so concerned about how they lost the last election they should sue themselves for being almost shockingly out of touch with their base and the electorate.

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These are fine examples of the credibility trap in action.  And if unchecked it lends itself to paranoia and retributive persecution against any and all dissent.


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