CNN’s DOOM Debt Limit Fearmongering: Global Economic Collapse!

We’re all gonna die—and it’s all the Republicans’ fault! With some slight exaggeration, that was CNN’s message this morning regarding Republican reluctance to raise the debt limit. Mugging a petrified look [see screencap] New Day co-host John Berman opened the show by predicting nothing short of “the potential collapse of the U.S. economy,” because “Republicans have voted against paying U.S. debts.”

Moments later, Berman fearmongered: “The week from hell could turn into the economic calamity from hell if the U.S. defaults on its debts, which Republicans, for now, have voted to let happen.”

CNN economics commentator Alexis Glick took the fearmongering a gigantic step further, warning not just of “catastrophic consequences” for the U.S., but for the entire “global economy.”

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