Cohen advisor FINALLY confirms dossier was wrong & Cohen never in Prague. Long suspected but never confirmed; blows major hole in Mueller collusion story.


  • Michael Cohen did not visit Prague during the 2016 campaign, as the Steele dossier alleges, according to the former Trump lawyer’s adviser.
  • Lanny Davis vehemently denied the dossier’s allegations that Cohen visited Prague to arrange payments to Russian hackers.
  • The allegation is a core component of Democrats’ collusion case against the Trump campaign.

A close adviser to Michael Cohen on Sunday emphatically denied the Steele dossier’s allegations that the former Trump adviser visited Prague during the 2016 campaign to arrange payments to Russian hackers.

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Lanny Davis, a lawyer-turned-adviser for Cohen, did not skip a beat when asked by MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt about the dossier’s Prague allegation.

“Did that trip ever happen?” Hunt asked Davis, a Democratic attorney who is close to the Clintons.

“No. No. Everybody, America, we all love Kasie’s show. No, no Prague, ever, never,” an emphatic Davis replied.

Davis’ comments deal a heavy blow to the dossier, which is considered Exhibit A in Democrats’ case for Trump-Russia collusion.

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Written by former British spy Christopher Steele, the dossier alleges a vast conspiracy between the Trump team and Kremlin insiders to hack and disseminate Democrats’ emails to influence the outcome of the election. The claims about Cohen are perhaps the most specific of any made about alleged collusion in the 35-page report.

For anyone who doesnt know why cohen mistakenly being in Russia is important, this is an excellent synopsis



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