Cold Weather Kills 20 Times More People Than Hot Weather

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by Natura Naturans

Cold weather is 20 times more deadly than hot weather
A 2015 study analyzing 74 million deaths from 384 locations across the world (1985 and 2012) revealed that cold weather killed 20 times more people than hot weather did (7.29% of mortalities due cold vs. 0.42% of mortalities attributed to heat).

Rising energy poverty with wind and solar energy penetration
Heating a home in the United Kingdom became 63% more expensive in the last decade, and electricity prices have risen by 80% in Germany since 2000. These developments can be traced to the increasing reliance on wind and solar energy in these developed countries (Lomborg, 2014).

Significantly due to California’s heavy emphasis on wind and solar energy penetration, Californians’ electricity prices rose 5 times more than the other states between 2011 and 2017 (

Californians pay 60% more for electricity than the rest of the country.…us-in-2017…ed-deaths/


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