Collapse = The Cycle

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by Dave

Armstrong has long been predicting a collapse of confidence in government, due to the end of the “public cycle” which peaks in 2020 and crashes, ending in 2032.  Might this impending collapse of confidence-in-government be driven by a partial collapse in the planetary ecosystem – and the final realization that our current government is utterly controlled by the top 0.1% in order to harvest both the people and the natural environment?

To Armstrong, cycles are one of these ineluctable things that one cannot change, but must remain acutely aware of if one is to survive (and prosper?) during the times to come.  Armstrong also says that Trump is a counter-cyclical move (a “reaction rally”), and that (most likely) our next President (and Administration) will follow the move-towards-collapse.

I interpret this to mean that the gang in charge will double-down on the harvesting, unwinding the few pro-citizen things that Trump has sought to effect.  Expect: unlimited immigration, re-expanded globalization, increased joblessness and addiction among the Deplorables, mandatory vaccines or no-school-no-travel-no-welfare benefits, sickcare rising to 30% of GDP, facebook & google in complete control over public discourse, hate-speech laws whose specifics are controlled by corporations, another 3-5 Middle Eastern nations destroyed, and “global warming” taxes that allow the rich their private jets, but tax the rest of us into oblivion.  All of this will be cheered on by the corporate media – if you oppose any of these things, you’re a nazi-racist-xenophobe-denier.

In other words, don’t look for help from “the system.”  The downtrend is fully locked in place.  Government will continue to keep the pesticide-sickcare-big-tech-defense-endless-war cartel harvesting all of us until l it all blows up spectacularly.  Perhaps some environmental catastrophe will be the triggering mechanism.

According to Armstrong, confidence in government must collapse before the current structure can be torn down and replaced…with…what exactly?

That will be up to us.  It will be at that moment we can have an impact.  That is when people will be ready to listen.

We are all connected and perhaps we can contribute when the time comes. We are all in this mess together albeit not by our own actions or choice. But just remember, you can lead a horse to water but you cannot force him to drink. We, unfortunately, are in that position. We cannot change the outcome. Nobody will listen. We must remain patient and firm. When the time comes for the crash and burn, then and only then will we have a fleeting moment to turn the course of history in the right direction.

… The talking heads believe they must assign some rational explanation to every move in the markets. They only perpetuate myths and are just void of any reality or logic in the absence of empirical research in favor of presumption. They lack any understanding of the bell curve effect and it is like wine. A glass of red wine is good for the heart. A bottle of red wine is bad for the liver. Anything can kill you if taken to extremes – cold as well as heat. Just remember the bell curve – all things possess a cycle.

In Czechoslovakia, it was only after the Berlin Wall fell that the dissident Vaclev Havel, jailed by the Communists during their time in power, could be elected President of the country.  Things will remain stuck until the turn occurs.  Once the turn happens, events will unfold very quickly.  We might consider constructing a vision of what we would like to see while we await the logic of events.

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What is it that we’d like to create?


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