COLLEGE: Calif. Gov. signs law requiring colleges to offer ‘free’ abortions.

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This goes with that ban on sales of fur clothing the Governor touted a few days ago.

Can’t sell a fur coat, but if the people feel a need for baby parts….

via campusreform:

  • Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill requiring UC and CSU schools provide students with free chemical abortions.
  • SB 24 or the “College Student Right to Access Act” is set to go into effect starting in 2023.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has signed a bill requiring all University of California and California State University campuses to offer chemical abortion to students for free.

Senate Bill 24 – the “College Student Right to Access Act” – passed the California Legislature in September, giving Newsom about one month to either sign or veto the bill. Prior to Friday, when Newsom signed the bill into law, every indicator was that he would sign it.

According to the most recent enrollment data, 481,210 students are enrolled at CSU and 280,380 students are enrolled on UC campuses- a total of 761,590 students. Of those, 272,779 females were enrolled at CSU schools while 147,131 female students were enrolled at UC schools- a total of 419,910 students who would be covered by the new law.

California Campus Correspondent Fiona Moriarty-McLaughlin asked students at UC-Santa Barbara their thoughts.




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