Colombia goes communist, first time in country’s history

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Colombia is the United States’ greatest ally, or at least it was. Today, for the first time in Colombia’s history, an extreme leftist/communist won the presidency.

Colombia was the only country in Latin America that had never had a communist president.

But this ain’t no ordinary communist. He is a former M-19 terrorist who spent time in prison, associated with embassy attacks in his youth. He calls Hugo Chavez his mentor and one of the greatest men to walk the earth.

This guy makes Argentina’s ex-president look like Reagan by comparison.

It blows my mind since here in Colombia we’re filled with Venezuelans fleeing their country, standing on every street corner begging for food.

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Maybe it’s a WEF trick. Who knows. He said his very first act in office will be to stop oil exploration and shut down various oil pipelines. Right in lockstep with the globalists.

Now Colombia joins the alliance with Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Time to go.

No English yet, it’s on the front page of every news site in Colombia.

Now that Colombia pivots toward Russia and away from the US, I wonder what happens to all the US bases here, anti-terrorist activities, etc.

Early reports are that Venezuelans are celebrating in the streets.



h/t Shaun Kaven


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