COLORADO: Aspen newspapers are finally covering blackmail story — with a pillow.

via theaspenbeat:

As reported in numerous outlets including this site, a man came forward last week alleging that he blackmailed the Democrat candidate challenging conservative firebrand Lauren Boebert for Colorado’s Third Congressional District, while the candidate was a city councilman in Aspen. The two daily newspapers – both overtly liberal – refused to run the story even while numerous citizens brought it to their attention.

The Dem candidate is Adam Frisch, and the Congresswoman he is campaigning to unseat is Lauren Boebert. Frisch presents himself as a high-minded moderate intellectual, but his initial broadcast email drumming up support name-called Boebert, in junior high fashion, “Boebert the Betrayer.” His campaign has gone downhill from there.

Boebert’s district went for Trump by over 9 points in the 2020 election, so Frisch has an uphill battle, which just got steeper.

The substance of the blackmail allegation is that the blackmailer successfully coerced Frisch to flip his position on a proposal to allow the ride sharing service Lyft into Aspen to compete with the blackmailer’s local taxi company a few years ago.

Frisch initially supported the Lyft proposal, but flipped to opposing it. The blackmailer said the reason for Frisch’s flip is that his assistant caught Frisch having sex in a woman’s storage unit that the blackmailer had rented out to the woman.

Seems newsworthy.

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