COLORADO: Gov. Polis makes cost of living a campaign issue, despite signing millions in new fees into law.

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“What’s frustrating people is how costs have gone up faster than incomes,” Polis said at a recent event hosted by the Colorado Sun, adding that the main way he plans to drive down Coloradans’ costs is by providing relief from government fees. That includes reducing the price to register a car, eliminating the costs to start a new business in the state and reducing the amount of money people must pay to get licensed in certain medical occupations.

Yet, these are new fees he himself supported while they were making their way through the legislature, and that he signed into law in just the past year. Moreover, they were signed into law at the height of the Covid 19 pandemic, while families were struggling to pay rent and businesses were shut down or limited, forcing more layoffs.

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The biggest problem with Polis is that he seems to sincerely believe whatever was the last thing he was told.

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