Colorado – Starting to see holes

Prepped for a while, always rotating, any “Go Signal” has us only go for topping off.

And so when I see tell tale signs of prepping I take note.

Costco here ALWAYS has 2 pallets of CA grown Rice on hand + all the funky Jasmine stuff.

Friday 1pm – ZERO Rice #25 or #50 – Only the Jasmine stuff was there. Nothing like the vid from Hawaii or Washington

We are friendly with the door dudes and on the way out with our cat litter and OTC Meds and some basic Heat and Eat meals, just for an easy week of cooking… I ask the dude, “Seen alot of packed carts?” He just looks up and says, “Ya” I say, “Trump says don’t panic, and everybody freaks out – Huh?” “Ya. sure did”

Sunday – Kroger(King Soopers) – nothing really crazy but the Bean isle was hit HARD – pasta sauce was almost non existent.

10 pm Monday night – I head in to grab some beer, but mostly to see the night crew throwing the load.
Bean and pasta sauce and soups are faced only. 1 row in the front with ZERO behind the first row. Usually there is a few cases of all varieties, sometimes a big storm forecast will make a dent, but nothing like what I saw. 1 more weekend like that and there will be very visible shortage on shelves.

This is just North of an AFB and shopped by many in the AF.

The dairy chick was PISSED. So much was missing she had to bend over to read tags just to figure out what to put where.

I ask, with a smile – “Did they fuck you over this weekend?” —- “like never before” she says.

A lot of Military here and they are noticeably missing from restaurants. Bartenders and servers are all suffering from a big drop in income – far more then usual Jan – Feb slowness.

Just reporting what I saw.

h/t HighCountry