Colorado Vaccine Breakthrough Data

by Earthiest

 I find this page on Colorado’s COVID website quite interesting. In all the press releases and live updates from the Governor they are constantly talking about relative risk reduction and never ever mention absolute risk. Today, they mentioned that Colorado has the 5th highest transmission level in the country (approximately 1 in 50 people are contagious) despite an 80% vaccination rate … then, they someone managed to not speak once about transmission amongst the vaccinated … pretty amazing spin, really.

Anyway, let’s talk absolute risk for a second. According to their own data (unless I’m calculating something wrong and by all means, let me know if I am) as an unvaccinated individual, on average, I have:

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  • 0.4% chance of catching SARS-CoV-2
  • .02% chance of being hospitalized with COVID-19
  • .01% chance of dying from COVID-19

The data also says that median age of cases is 32, hospitalization is 57 and death is 74.

I’m a 37 year old female with zero co-morbidities, good Vitamin D levels and metabolic health, and an entire COVID kit (including Ivermectin) on my shelf. I’d love for my governor to explain to me why it’s so imperative that I get vaccinated?

But seriously, the state update today was all about how it’s still a pandemic of the unvaccinated and how excited they are to start vaccinating 5-11 year olds … disgusting!



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