COMEDY GOLD: Some Trumpian genius slipped a question about Stage-4 TDS into CNN townhall…

CNN Ticker: Is stage 4 TDS considered an underlying morbidity

James Fox is here on CFP and explains how it happened…

Yes I am the James Fox who posed that question. Here’s what happened. Saw the CNN live townhall pop up in facebook, and made that comment in the feed. I was not watching CNN at the time on tv, or even paying attention to it on the FB townhall. I couldn’t tell you if my comment got a single “like.” Yesterday morning a buddy of mine on the other side of the country called me and asked if I made a comment during the CNN townhall, i said “yea.” He said, “you need to go to, it’s blowing up. LOLOLOL. 100% no sh*t!

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h/t CrsCrpr


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