Comey confidant James Baker throws Rosenstein under the bus – tells Congress his plot to oust Trump was NOT A JOKE

Former FBI lawyer and Comey confidant James Baker told Congressional investigators that Rosenstein’s plot to wear a wire and oust Trump from office was not a joke as the DAG claimed.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein last year spoke with DOJ and FBI officials about wearing a wire and secretly recording President Trump to be able to build a case that Trump is unfit to hold office.

DAG Rosenstein began plotting Trump’s removal shortly after FBI Director Comey was fired, The New York Times reported citing memos penned by then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

The House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena for Andrew McCabe’s memos, however; Congress has not yet received them and the deadline was October 4th.

Rosenstein also sought to recruit cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment to remove President Trump from office, according to the New York Times.


This is why Devin Nunes is so furious with Trump over

the fisa document, he believes Trump is being tricked

by Rosenstein to protect his own ass from high treason charges

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