Coming Soon to the IRS: France uses Google Earth and a Google developed AI to find Tax Cheats

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France is using a Google AI algorithm to locate tax cheats all over their country.
The IRS can use a couple thousand of those new agents to do the same thing here, and that would just be the beginning of their AI usage.
France’s tax authority said Monday that a new artificial intelligence system had found thousands of undeclared swimming pools, allowing it to collect millions of euros from homeowners who failed to report the facilities.

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Developed by Google and Capgemini, the AI software learned how to spot pools on aerial images of nine French departments during a trial run last year, which were then cross-checked with land registry databases.

Since pools boost property values, they usually lead to higher property and residency taxes — unless the owner neglects to notify tax authorities.

It could also eventually be used to find undeclared home extensions, patios or gazebos, which are also used to factor property taxes, the authority said.


The article says this AI system will be rolled out nationwide in 2023.
It is just beginning…


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