Commiefornia Farmers Lose BILLIONS as Atmospheric River Rain Storms Continue – “We’ve Lost EVERYTHING”

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The dozen-or-so “atmospheric rivers,” also known as rain storms, that have hit California this winter so far have provided a much-needed reprieve from the persistent drought conditions that have plagued the state for many years. There is a downside, though: many of the state’s crop farms are now underwater from all this excess moisture, which is creating massive food and finance losses for the Golden State’s farmers.

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Many people are unaware of this, but nearly half of all American agriculture is grown in California, generating more than $50 billion a year in revenue. The Midwest primarily grows genetically modified (GMO) corn and soybeans, along with wheat, while California grows most of the country’s fruits, vegetables, nuts, and leafy greens.

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Because these atmospheric river storms have been hitting California one after another after another following many years of mostly dry conditions, a lot of that water is flowing from higher elevations to lower elevations rather than absorbing into oftentimes rock-hard soils. The result is many destroyed farms and farmers who have “lost everything.”


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