Committed to public health: Washington State governor extends “stay at home order” while homeless in Seattle free to set up camps at every street corner

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by DCG

Demorat Governor and failed presidential candidate Jay Inslee issued a “Stay at Home” order for Washington on March 23. This past Wednesday he confirmed that the order would continue beyond May 4, He did not indicate when that order would be lifted and is expected to provide more details today.

Guarantee you it will go on and on and on.

He also thanked Washingtonians for their commitment to public health, despite an upheaval to daily life.

Want to know exactly HOW committed the governor is himself to public health? Just take a look at what is going on in Seattle (specifically, the Ballard area): The city has paused the cleanup of homeless encampments sweeps.

Here’s a picture of what is going on in downtown Ballard, courtesy of Rob Harwood who shared them with Jason Rantz of See all the pictures here.

Due to the Wuhan virus, the city is not making homeless encampments disappear. The homeless are free to set up tents where ever they want. Tell me how homeless people, without access to proper hygiene facilities, are positively contributing to “public health?”

Are the homeless disposing of their trash properly? Are they using restroom facilities or the streets? Are they able to wash their hands? Do they have to wear masks?

And of course with more homeless comes crime. It’s so bad that some residents are suggesting that one arm themselves (always a good idea, IMO). They don’t feel safe in their own neighborhoods. Read that story at KOMO News here.

Washingtonians are ordered to stay home while the homeless and criminals are set free. That’s how they protect public health!



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