Communist Power Struggle to Take Down Xi Jinping

China has been hit by the coronavirus, the US China trade war, massive flooding, and that could mean trouble for Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping. Years of internal power struggles and factional infighting are heating up as Xi continues an “anti-corruption campaign” to purge his political opponents in a faction tied to former leader Jiang Zemin, the mastermind of the persecution of the Falun Gong spiritual practice. Xi is planning an upcoming purge of the PLAC, the Political and Legal Affairs Committee. But there’s also growing tension between Xi and Premier Li Keqiang over the Chinese economy. You know what this means? Another episode of General Hostilities

Jake, Xi Jinping IS the CCP. Just like in other countries, there is more than one political faction.

The other faction in Communist China is what used to be called the Jiang faction, or the Shanghai gang. Jiang was the former president mayor of Shanghai and then president (dictator) of the Communist Party, and he controlled the next president, Hu Jintao. When Xi Jinping became president, he initiated a huge ‘anti-corruption’ campaign during which major officials were imprisoned, and some even executed. These were Jiang supporters. Xi went clear down to the lowest levels of government and purged Jiang supporters, replaced them with Xi supporters, as well as replacing officials at the higher levels. I read that a million or more supporters of Jiang were taken down. There were still areas, particularly the northeast provinces (former Manchuria) where Jiang’s old clique remained entrenched. Now the old Jiang faction and others are opposing Xi. They are all Communists, and purges are a Communist tool to keep the party alive.

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As long as the Communists rule China, there will be oppression.

I believe you will know the Communists have collapsed when the Falun Gong prisoners are released, as their core principals of truthfulness, kind heartedness, and forbearance are directly opposite of Communist principals. FG’s strength among the Chinese people was a terrible threat, so dictator Jiang initiated a purge of his own to destroy the belief, imprisoning them and putting them to slave labor in prison camps and instigating the organ harvesting. This is why you can use their release from prison as an indication that the CCP has collapsed.


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